Investment Philosophy

Our philosophy

Whatever the market condition, we emphasise on generating returns on a steady basis over the medium to long-term view. This ability gives us a strong competitive edge and is one of the reasons investors are attracted to VESBOLT.

We believe in being adaptable and patient. The global markets are constantly changing and although one may have had success in a particular industry, sector or asset class, it’s no guarantee of being able to continually stay ahead of evolving trends.

That’s why we continually develop new investment strategies that cater to any type of market environment and condition. We provide our clients with access to specialised markets where the potential rewards far outweigh the risks. Given sufficient time, we believe that these promising investments will bear fruit. The key is to remain patient, which is necessary to minimise risk.

Observing patiently, reacting swiftly


We shape the system around your goals

We employ a measured, systematic process in approaching the markets. Each investment strategy that we create is a result of fundamental research and quantitative analysis, combined with the experience and insight of our traders.

Our team consists of passionate, driven people, whose ultimate objective is to ensure that your trust in us is justified, that your investment with us sees an appreciable rise.

The VESBOLT investment approach uses these two proven methods:

Fundamental Analysis

Considers factors such as interest rates, production, earnings and GDP

Quantitative Analysis

Uses complex algorithm to discover price-movement patterns and correlations between pairs of trading instruments.

We also trade with the following purposes and constraints in mind:

To provide clients with access to FX, futures and commodities

Total annualised net return in excess of the benchmark over any 3 year rolling period

Preserve capital with maximum drawdown of 20-30% of the capital

Invest in currency contracts to hedge (protect) against rate fluctuations

Turn on your financial fantasy

Investment Strategy

To make the best of every profit-generating opportunity, we constantly monitor the markets, adjusting our strategies as needed to ensure optimum results. Our traders work closely together, utilising their individual talents and experiences to bring different perspectives to a discussion. All ideas and innovations are explored to ensure that every challenge is met with the best solution.

We invest mainly in high-quality, short-term foreign exchange denominated in G10 currencies, money market instruments and commodities. G10 currencies are currencies in which investors have confidence and are typically currencies of economically and politically stable industrialised nations.

We have multiple proven record portfolios investing in precious metals, equities, indexes, options, stocks, etc. using complex mathematical algorithm that are managed by professional portfolio managers. With VESBOLT, investors bypass the large institutions and invest directly with highly experienced traders for above-market returns.

We aim to generate absolute returns by incorporating the following strategies:

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Aims to take advantage of short term movements on the back of news and headlines, order placements in the market, momentum and charts. It uses high leverage and profits from the very tight interbank spreads within G10 due to the high volume traded.

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Takes medium-term directional views based on various macroeconomic indicators and economic developments. This strategy aims to catch larger market trends at its earliest possible stage, i.e. well before classic moving averages and other lagging indicators can produce a signal. It stays with the identified trend until a counter-directional signal is detected.

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Generates trading signals based on chart analysis. The signals capture the momentum of the market. It has long-term, medium-term and short-term signals. The systems are also linked to the money management system, which improves the risk return ratio.

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Generates signals based on chart analysis. It has a contrarian approach. It takes advantage of exaggerated market movements and buys when the market is oversold and vice versa.


  • Currencies 65%

  • Commodities 25%

  • Futures 5%

  • Others 5%


  • High Frequency 25%

  • Trends 25%

  • Momentum 25%

  • Reversal 25%

Brilliant plans executed with expertise

Risk Management

Risk management is a vital part of our strategy development process. We place great emphasis on this crucial component to ensure success in our trades, as part of our responsibility to investors.

We make risk management a part of our strategy.

VESBOLT Risk Management Team

At Vesbolt, we create a dedicated governance group to oversee risk management across the firm.

To strengthen our approach, we focus on liquid markets, proprietary risk models and a diversified funding structure.

Furthermore, we make use of the expertise and experience of our traders, direct bank links and technology at our disposal to minimise the risk in daily trading decisions and positions.

State of the art Risk Control tool

Instant update of positions

Always-on awareness of risk vs. market price

Very fast fills (below 100ms on average) and low latency (below 50ms on average)

Small slippages on stops/entry orders

Weekly statistics on liquidity providers’ execution times, slippage and market share

Guaranteed market access and order execution in case of power outage

Tight interbank spreads

We highly recommend that investors diversify their funds into 2 or more of our portfolios to minimize the risk and maximize the gains. Once investors choose to target a level of risk based on your goals, time horizon, and tolerance for volatility, diversification may provide the potential to improve returns for that level of risk.

The freedom to trade with confidence