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Asset and Portfolio Management Service VESBOLT Carves a Unique Identity with Focus on Profits and Growth

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(October 23, 2020) – Asset management group VESBOLT is turning basic investing principles into actual profits. From wealth management and Forex to commodities and indices, VESBOLT is using its time-honed strategies and dedication to turn investment opportunities into wealth for its clients. A world-leading and trusted platform for traders, builders, and investors, VESBOLT aims is to create financial freedom and happiness for everyone.


VESBOLT allows users to make smart investments with its credible and trusted asset management services. The team at VESBOLT has received many positive reviews for their experience and skill in helping their clients reach their investment goals. The investment agency offers a series of world-class services fueled by the founders’ combined expertise from working in the investment banking sector. These experiences and skills were not only picked up from working on the exclusive trading floors of private banks but also from online trading.


Founded in 2013, VESBOLT works with four key strategic objectives and solutions. It offers asset management solutions, provides investor access to institutional traders, keeps all portfolios safe in segregated accounts, and ensures 100% transparency for all investors. The firm focuses on providing account management services via MAM/PAMM for global investors. As of 09/30/2020, almost half the VESBOLT portfolio from the past 3 years were allocated to strategies that yielded more than 40% YTD performance.


“Our aim is to expand our expertise in trading expertise and technology. We want to support the markets and bring our investors closer to their financial dreams,” says Managing Director & Co-Founder of VESBOLT.


At VESBOLT, clients not only enjoy high quality, proprietary trading strategies, but also get the benefit of some world-class partners, like Pepperstone, Axi, LMAX, TradeMax,, Swissquote Bank, ICM Capital, ATCBrokers, AIMS, etc. As a result, VESBOLT has come to manage over US$100 million in assets under management for clients across 28 countries. The total funds under management and client base are thus growing continually.


Among its trading strategies, VESBOLT employs portfolio diversification with algorithms and discretionary methods to maximize profits. New investors can visit the site, open a live account with their preferred broker or bank, deposit funds, chose their strategies, and begin to earn returns.


Safety and transparency always get a high priority by using tier 1 UK, Swiss and Australian banks where encryption is used for online transactions. Regulatory compliance is strict, and thus there are zero conflicts of interest. Another unique strategy is that the company also puts its own money in each portfolio, thus operating with a personal stake in the business outcomes. For these pioneering solutions, VESBOLT was recently awarded the Investor’s Choice Award 2019.


In private fund management, the company carries over 15 years of actively seeking profitable investments and over 20 years in financial quantitative analysis. Vesbolt Ltd. is licensed and regulated by the British Virgin Islands Financial Services Commission as an Approved Investment Manager. License No. IBR/AIM/15/0066.


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