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Russia – At least 17 dead after the train collides with bus

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AT LEAST 17 people have been killed in a crash between a train and a bus in the Vladimir Region in the east of Moscow.





MOSCOW – The bus, which was carrying migrant workers from Uzbekistan, was shunted several hundred metres down the track, Russia’s Rossiya 24 TV channel reported. Footage showed fragments of what was left of the bus strewn across the track. The train itself appeared to have sustained no visible damage.


“The bus stalled on the track,” Vladimir Myagkov, a spokesman for Russian Railways, told Rossiya 24 at the crash site.


“Some people say the passengers tried to push the bus off the track. At that moment the train approached and a collision occurred,” he said.


Though carrying workers from the Central Asian nation of Uzbekistan, the bus had a license plate registered in Kazakhstan, Russian news agencies reported.




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